Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday - terra4m Sale and dinner at the Kelley's

Saturday was the first terra4m sale of 2011.  It was a nice spring-like day with temperatures in the high sixties.  We were pleased to have several friends stop by and visit with us.  We didn't break any records, but it was so nice to sit in the sun and spend some time with good friends.  Unfortunately our good friend Elaine, the other member of terra4m was unable to attend the sale and we missed her.

Tom and Lisa invited us over later to cook some steaks and we were quick to accept.  Their sons, Daniel and Christopher were having some fun with a stuffed monkey that was part of a Valentine's Day gift.  We all had several fits of giggles being silly with the monkey.

All in all, a good day.  I hope yours was too.

Shelley, Lisa, David, (customers), and Becky.

My display.
Thanks to Kim for sharing her shelves with me again!

Becky's birds.

Kim and the Mullins' returning from the car
after finalizing commission plans for a new birdbath.

Kim's birdbaths.

The rest of Kim's work.

Tom and Lisa visited us on the bike.

Stephanie and Meredith watching Tom and Lisa leave

Christopher with...  "The Monkey".

Daniel and Christopher with some monkey business.

We're all so proud.



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