Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday - Afternoon at the Mint Museum

Sunday the Carolina Clay Matters Guild met at the new Mint Museum for a nice tour lead by Verna Witt.  The new Mint is a wonderful space with lots of galleries, a huge atrium, and a very nice flow.  If you are in the area, make it a destination.

Afterward, Kim and I went back to the green to view the sculptures there.

Another in a long line of good days.

The Atrium

Becky, Cindy, Kim, and Chris.

Verna leading the tour.

The tour group behind the collar.

This collar is carved from one piece of marble!

This is a ship's hull cast in glass.

These fabric squares were died from plant materials from NC.

Don Reitz bell.

Marilyn Levine's incredible "Black School Bag".
This "leather" bag is made of clay.

Donna Craven pot.

Mark Hewitt pot.

View out the window of the atrium on the escalator
between floors 3 & 4.

The roof of the skull.

Kim sitting in the skull.

The pearly whites from the inside.
(Now I know how food feels.)

The brick book sculpture at the Tryon Street entrance.

The other side.

The "pages".

The Mint/Bechtler campus.

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.



Linda Starr said...

what a great museum and tour. I went during the grand opening and the crowds were thick, hope to go back one of these days. I love the city scapes in Charlotte.

Max said...

Great new place for Charl. I remember the Craven Ceramics, very beautiiful. I have several small pieces of little pot with lid that the cat knocked down and broke...keep the remains (of the pot) for inspiration anyway.
Saw the outdoor exhibit last Sunday. I loved being inside the skull, too bad Ellaine was not with you.

jbf said...

Thanks! Unfortunately I was out of town and missed the opening. This was my first trip.

I will be back to visit the skull again before it leaves town. Elaine was there with Caroline and I on Saturday. Her comment was "Public art ROCKS!". I quite agree.