Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday - Morning

The last time I logged into my Duke Energy account they told me I was eligible to receive up to twelve free CFL bulbs.  I could request them all at once or just six right now.  Looking at my cabinet space, I opted for the six.  I am always glad to get something for free, and especially something that Duke Energy touted as "energy saving" and "good for the environment".  Unfortunately when they arrived, they were anything but good for the environment.  The picture below shows how they arrived:  individual boxes inside a larger box padded with lots of bubble wrap.  All that cardboard and plastic is not so great for the environment, but a good effort anyway.

This morning at 7:40 am, the sun was shining into the kitchen window and illuminating the wall by the table.  It was such a nice rich orange that it forced me to pull out my camera to capture it --then I went back to bed for forty-five more minutes.  It's all about the light (and the sleep!).

It was a busy day, so stay tuned for more adventures.


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