Monday, January 31, 2011

Statesville Video

I just saw this on the local news and had to share it.

Apparently, Statesville, NC  has produced a fun new video that incorporates most of downtown.  It was done with two run-throughs and only one take which is mighty impressive when you watch it's complexity.

Every time I watch it I find myself grinning foolishly. It just has that affect on me.

A bit of trivia about Statesville: John Dula was hanged in the town square on May 1, 1868 for the murder of Laura Foster. The Kingston Trio had a major hit in 1958 with the song "Tom Dooley" based on these events.

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Penni said...

I know what you mean! This had me grinning too, what fun! Going by this looks like a fun place to live! Thanks!