Friday, January 21, 2011

2011-01-19 Wednesday - New work

Wednesday I cleaned up some pieces I had made earlier in the week and started some new tea bowls.

The earlier work consisted of some more of the "crackle pots" and bowls for the empty bowls event.  I need to explore the crackle pots further since I think there is more I want to do with them.  Stay tuned as I try to refine them, incorporate some other elements into them, and probably make some larger ones.

We had a discussion about tea bowls that got me inspired to try some new forms.  Rick was kind enough to bring in some of his collection to show us.  Greg shared his insight about them and (as always) stretched our vision to it's limits by commenting on the shapes, gestures, and glazes of each.  It always amazes me that I can look at something and like it, but not know why I like it until Greg dissects it for me.  He has a unique vision and I really enjoy him sharing it with us.

Crackle pots.

New tea bowls.
I really like the little notches and will explore those more.

Empty bowls.



ang said...

oooh nice the tea bowls....i must get to it and get an empty bowls event happening this year!! :))

jbf said...

Thanks! Good luck getting your empty bowls event happening!

Max said...

Great tea bowls. You keep getting better. look forward to seeing your glaze on them??

jbf said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to glazing them. I've been inspired by a whole new set of ideas.