Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011-01-08 Saturday - Christmas candy

We had a very nice Christmas again this year.  It was peaceful, and peaceful is good.  We didn't get all the decorations up or put out cookies for Santa, but it was still a nice family Christmas.

The Christmases are getting more and more special since will soon be changing.  The kids are getting older and it won't be too long before they will be out of the house.  While I hope they'll come back for Christmas, it will never be the way it's been.  Ah well, life is change.

On a different note, we always get a lot of great candy in our stockings from Santa and this year was no exception.  Lots of wonderful chocolate and whatever this is.

Look at the verbiage near the top:

What the hell is "Yummy Milky & Chocolaty Flavored Candy"?  It looks like chocolate, but it is definitely not chocolate.

I guess Santa had to cut back this year like everyone else.  Times are hard.



Jen Mecca said...

Yah..I'd say that doesn't look like it came for the Gadiva section of the North Pole!
Hope all is well, Jen

Penni said...

I'm not sure that I would eat that stuff! Give me a giant bag of M & M's anytime! Our Christmas was so peaceful this year too. Didn't get all the decorations out either. The holiday just came up so fast! But Christmas morning it was just me and Rob and the dogs and it was perfect!

jbf said...

Yeah, basically chocolate flavored sugar. All is well here, hope it is with you too.

Mmmmm... M&Ms. Now we're talking. Glad you had a nice Christmas.