Saturday, October 2, 2010

2010-09-24 Friday - Festival in the Park

Friday saw us Clayworks folks at Festival in the Park in the Emerging Artists tent.  Greg had his own space and Clayworks had a booth for us volunteers to demo and talk to people about the studio.  We had a great time and some of us are really energized by demoing and answering questions.  We've discussed it and some of us believe it is the truest contrast of extroverts to introverts.  Introverts get worn out doing this and extroverts get recharged.  I'll let you guess which camp I inhabit.  :8^)

Greg did some extraordinary pieces for the event with lots of great detail and he enjoyed fielding lots of questions about his work, his process, and his inspiration.  I was surprised at the depth and insight of some of the questions.  It's nice to interact with people that are not strangers to contemplative thought.

Lisa was the other volunteer throwing pots and we had a grand old time cutting up and laughing.  I always have fun with Lisa and David (her other half).  They are intelligent, funny, talented people.  They are another couple in a long line of friends I have found through Clayworks.  We really DO have great people.

Greg taking a break for some interesting conversation.

Lisa surrounded by curious festival-goers.

Lisa obviously likes what she's doing.

Back to work.

I enjoyed taking pictures of Lisa with the spotlights right behind her.  I think it really captured the atmosphere of the tent at night.  Even after all these years (my 30th this year!), Festival in the Park is still a magical place for me where the world just stops for a few hours.  The magic is especially noticeable at night with the lights, the trees, the lake, and the smell of elephant ears and brat dogs.  It was a great thrill to be a part of the granddaddy of Charlotte festivals.  Adrienne, thanks for giving us the opportunity.


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