Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2010-10-09 Saturday - Fall Barn Sale

Saturday was the Carolina Claymatters Fall Barn Sale.  It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people enjoying the day and the pottery.  Kim was kind enough to lend me her shelves and having my work spread out and at eye-level really seemed to help.  Thanks Kim!

Everyone I talked to said they had a good sale so it was a good day all around.  It's nice when everything comes together:  the weather, the crowds, and the art.

 Elaine and I shared a booth.

 Susan and Elaine.

Serenading Elaine.

"Make the World Go Away"

Some friends dropped by.

Paul finished the show in grand style.



Linda Starr said...

I like the direction your new work is going in with the altered surfaces, they look great.

Wow that barn sale looked great, wish I could have been there. I was wondering about your shelving system, did you build it or purchase it, if you wouldn't mind sharing, they look very sturdy and I am looking for something with some height but collapsible to transport easier.

jbf said...

Thanks, Linda!

I borrowed those shelves from my friend Kim. They are made of plain old pine and are pretty light to carry. I have used some hardwood versions and those weigh a ton.

Kim is getting me the dimensions and I will be producing some of my own. If they come out well I will probably post the plans here.

Stay tuned.

Linda Starr said...

Hi John, thanks, I was thinking of getting some bifold doors and using those as the uprights and then the pine or poplar boards. it seems as if the folding book shelves that are purchased are only 12 inches deep and are not that sturdy when they get taller and I'm looking for some height. I was thinking with these I coul d use bifolds that were a little wider than that. I'll check back. thanks again.