Monday, October 4, 2010

2010-09-25 Saturday - Mount Holly

Saturday I was at the Mount Holly Autumn on Main festival with Elaine and Paul.  We had a nice setup thanks to Becky Story for the tent and Chris Beloni for loaning me her shelves.  We had high hopes since Becky and Elaine had pretty good sales there last year, but the crowds just weren't in attendance this year.  There was plenty of beautiful artwork for sale, live music, and food.  With 90+ degree temperatures and several other festivals and shows happening simultaneously, the attendees were sparse.

The rest of the pictures are here.

Our tent.

I was on the right and Elaine was on the left.

Chris' shelves really showed off my work.

I tried to keep the display open and airy by not overloading it.

Not my usual "yard sale" look, for sure.

Elaine and Paul.

Advertising for the Kids Zone.

There was a beer and wine garden.

Some of Elaine's work.

Some young customers discovering Elaine's skulls.

The skulls in question.

David Childers and the DC3.

David Childers videos here.

A study of Elaine in black and white.



Linda Starr said...

I am sorry I missed this show, you work looks great on those shelves and Elaine's work is wonderful too, love the skulls and the cat sculpture.

jbf said...

Sorry we didn't get to see you. Thanks for the kind words.

Amy said...

great pics!

jbf said...