Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010-09-13 Monday - Morning backyard

Monday I was outside early at about 7:00 am and got some shots of the backyard in that special morning light.  As usual, I tried to look closely at the details since there is so much to see in our little 1/3 acre.  The only thing we have more of in our yard than squirrels is spiders so it was easy to spot the fruits of their labors.  I even took a short video of the spider lines on the grass shimmering in the breeze, but the real reason I was out that early was to put the pork roast on the grill for some (extremely) slow cooking.  Sometimes you just need an excuse to enjoy the day outside of your regular schedule.

BTW, the roast came out great and I will be doing that again.

Maples in the yard.

Look closely...

... yep, there is a little spider condo.

The last geranium of summer.
(The squirrels killed the rest.)

The reason for the morning out.

Spider lines in the grass.


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