Monday, September 13, 2010

2010-09-03 Friday - Backyard

I walked out Friday and found this under the railing on the back deck.  It's amazing for several reasons when you stop and think about it.

A creature the size of the fingernail on my little finger not only has all the organs it needs to be autonomous, but has a brain that can create such an intricate structure.  Whether it's created with conscious thought or whether the design is imprinted on it's nervous system is irrelevant.  It still comes from that tiny living, breathing being which makes it pretty amazing.

This web has the structure and elasticity it needs to capture prey.  It can lose pieces without losing it's functionality.  It can be recycled and remade in a matter of hours.  It's beautiful to behold.

Oh, and it can be used to make bullet-proof vests.

Pretty amazing stuff.

All natural art.
No preservatives.
No hormones.
No antibiotics.



Linda Starr said...

that is amazing

Max said...

Well John we both had nature themes, check mine out!

jbf said...

If one stops to think about it...

I will, thanks!