Monday, July 12, 2010

2010-06-19 Saturday - Inaugural Terra4m Sale

We had our Terra4m inaugural sale on Saturday and it was quite a success.  Becky's yard was a wonderful place to set up our displays and we had quite a bit of traffic.  I think Kim's bird baths were the star of the sale, but nobody did badly.  Participating were Terra4m artists Kim Marcadis, Elaine Spallone, Becky Story, and me.  Guest artists were Lisa (Lulu) Connell with clay, Cyn Kent with watercolors, Max McLeod with clay and photos, Nicholas Nelson with clay, and Cindy Tuccitto with clay.  We had lots of Clayworks visitors and we appreciate the great support.  Ju-Ian stopped by and even brought us ice cream!

It was extremely warm as June has hit us like August, but everyone was in good spirits.  The traffic really dropped off in the late afternoon due to the heat.  Based on that theory we are going to start our next summer sale earlier in the day.

We set out refreshments and we set up a table near the entrance that allowed people to sign up on our mailing list which entered them into a drawing for a piece of pottery from each of us Terra4mers.

It was a good start for Terra4m and we are looking forward to the future.

The email sign-up/raffle table.

The sign.

My yard sale.

Elaine and Becky's area.

Nic's planters.

Cindy's work.

Cyn's watercolors.

Kim's work.
(I couldn't get a picture of her bird baths since they were gone.)

Joe visiting Lisa's booth.

The refreshments.

Max's clay and photos.

A close-up of some of Max's work with flowers.

Some webbing in the tree above us.

It was way up there.

Paul was hot like the rest of us.



Ron said...

Glad ya'll had a good sale! Everything looks great.

jbf said...

Thanks! We're looking forward to many more.

Max said...

Good coverage. Thanks for the detail shot of mine.