Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010-07-04 Sunday - Independence Day

We had a small cookout on Independence Day and our friends the Mullins' and the Kelleys came over.  Unfortunately Lisa Kelley was out of town at a wedding, but we managed to have some fun anyway.  After eating the Mullins family left and someone said, "Let's go see the fireworks!".  We hadn't planned a trip downtown and the show was scheduled to start in twenty minutes but we all climbed into the Expedition and took off anyway.  We ended up a few blocks from Clayworks standing by a fence and we had a great view.

After the show Stephanie wanted some ice cream so we took our whole crew to the Sonic Drive-in and had some ice cream and more fun before calling it a night.

Having fun in the back of the Expedition.
(Christopher (ducking), Meredith, Stephanie, Daniel, Karen (ducking, too))

Tom, our driver.

Stephanie at the fence.

Tom and Daniel fencing.

Christopher and Daniel.


Stephanie at the Sonic menu board.

Christopher and Stephanie.


Stephanie and Tom.

Christopher and Meredith.


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