Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010-06-11 Friday - Clayworks

I went to Clayworks Friday with the idea of throwing some new pots and glazing some new work.  I brought Stephanie with me and told her she could use some of my clay to practice on the wheel so she didn't have to stay home alone.  Unfortunately Kim was cleaning the wheel room and my glazing took way longer than I'd planned so we never got near a wheel.  Stephanie was very patient with me and I owe her another trip or maybe some instruction on the kick wheel in the garage.  I was hurriedly glazing the pots to be ready for the inaugural Terra4m sale.

Let me backtrack a bit:  Terra4m is the cooperative clay group that Kim Marcadis, Elaine Spallone, Becky Story and I have started.  We are coming together to organize sales and further the promotion of our art.  We plan on having a strong web presence, a recognizable brand, and some fun along the way.  More about all that later, but we're very excited and motivated.

Creamer sets, a sponge holder, and a jar.

Despite this picture, Stephanie really was very patient with me.

Nic and Kim discussing studio matters.


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