Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday night raku 2009-03-18

We had a good raku firing on Wednesday night. Everyone was pretty happy with their results, which is not so common.

One of the pots I sprayed with
Joe's copper wash the last time we did raku.
It finally got fired.
Pots are patient.

A small pot that I made in 2008
that finally hit the kiln.

Greg, Joe, and I enjoyed
telling stories around the kiln.

These are Joe's bottles
when we first opened the kiln.

Joe is reaching for the left bottle.
See the jaw of the tong on the left side?

Taking the pot to the ash can.

Carefully placing it in the can.

The newspaper starts to ignite.

It goes up quickly.

Greg puts the lid on it.

We always burp the luster glazes.
I caught this just as Greg lifted the lid.
The oxygen rushed in and it went "WOOF!"

Once the can has been burped,
Greg is ready to put the lid back on it.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take photos of Joe's finished bottles. They came out BEAUTIFULLY and I was too busy admiring them when I forgot to get my camera. I will try to get some photos of them. They were really spectacular.

The gas kiln got fired today so I should be picking up pots on Friday night. Expect photos, but you knew that...


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Amy had pics of you too, wowie!!!!!!!!

jbf said...

Wowie, indeed. :^)