Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thursday night 2009-03-05

Thursday night Greg's class was making brushes. It looked like fun, but I would rather purchase them and spend more time on clay.

Makin' brushes.

On Wednesday night, I handled some mugs I had thrown in earthen red on Saturday. On Thursday night I threw some more and hope to handle them on Saturday.

During our afternoon Muddy Fun class on Saturday we were told of a developing sink hole in the parking lot and we had to move our cars to higher ground. I'm sure the monsoons we were having were responsible for it and it didn't look too bad when I left that day. Thursday night it was opened up and it was apparently larger than I thought. Good catch for the parking lot crew.

Our studio is right downtown.

Barricade city.

The main site.

It's actually quite deep.

Life is deeper than it looks.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

nice mugs amigo, and you gotta wonder: any clay deposits down in there?

Amy said...

I wonder if anyone will make sinkhole sigilata (sp)???

jbf said...

Thanks. Still more work to do on the form. Not completely satisfied with it yet. You might laugh, but I did make sigillata from the fines in the parking lot.

Nope, once was enough. :^)

Becky said...


jbf said...

"Pothole firings"?