Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Memory? Not sure...

I have been bringing my camera to the studio religiously and keep forgetting to take pictures of the work. I have been in a big hurry to clean up and leave and after I get everything cleaned up I smack my forehead when I realize I have forgotten to photograph my work.

Things are going pretty well. I have thrown a bunch of larger orangestone and craggy crunch pots and some of them suffer from some compression cracks (ugh). I will be recycling them soon. It gets frustrating that even after all this time I can get a run of compression cracks when I least expect them. I seem to get less cracks throwing off the hump, go figure.

I am currently working on some orangestone and earthen red functional ware since I have a sale coming up on March 21. I have not sold at this venue before so I want to make sure I have a good range of items to offer.

Work, work, work...


Jerry said...

Compression cracks are a pain in the ass. I just had a number of them show up as well. Even after I was consciously making an effort to prevent them. Oh well, I guess it's just the pottery gods keeping us in our place.

I do find it strange that you get less off the hump though. That's odd. Good luck getting ready for the show.

Amy said...

where's the sale?

jbf said...

I am making a conscious effort as well, and I'm NOT leaving the bottom wet. I have definitely been put in my place.

It's at a church near me. I will post more details when it's closer.