Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raku 2009-02-07

Joe found a great video demo on Bruce Odell's website and after he corresponded with Mr. Odell, we thought we'd give his process a go. Unfortunately we obviously don't know everything about Mr. Odell's process, but we made a good effort for the first time. We need to refine our version of the procedure a bit more to get the results we are chasing, but I believe we are on the right path.

I will post some pictures of the finished pots as soon as I take some. While the results were not what I was expecting, I like the way the pots finished.

Thanks to Kim (I think. I was so focused on what I was doing...) who took a lot of the pictures of us spraying and rolling.

My three pots.

Into the spray booth.
(I painted some clear crackle on the bottom.)

After the spray booth
covered with Joe's copper wash.

Joe spraying his pot.

That's a happy camper.

Into the kiln.

Becky sprays her horse.

Pots out of the kiln.
Hot pots!

Now we spray it with alcohol.

... and spray it...

... and spray it.

Then it's into the sawdust
and turn it to get the colors we want.
(Still hot.)

Second load is ready.

... and spray it...

... and spra --hey! Wait a minute!
That looks like some coppery colors are coming out.

Yes, that is color! Cool!
(No, it's still pretty darn hot.)

It looks like a refugee camp out back,
but we cleaned it all up at the end.

If you get a chance, by all means play with fire.
(And if you're gonna do it, call Joe.)

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