Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday 2009-02-02

Since I didn't make it to the studio over the weekend, I went in on Monday night to try to catch up. I threw some bowls for the empty bowls collection and worked on about eight pounds of clay which became this pitcher shape. I fiddled with it for far too long and realized it was very heavy and the walls were uneven, so I ended up slicing it in half.

Nick was there working on his planters and we had a nice time chatting about just about everything.

Nice form...

...but way too heavy.

Nick cutting and pasting.

While I was cleaning up
I set the wet splash pan down
on the canvas and
when I picked it up
I was surprised to find
a pretty good smiley face under it.

Be of good cheer.
(My splash pan says so.)


Ron said...

Hey did you get a hair cut??

jbf said...

No, that profile picture is from about 10 years ago when I had a buzz cut.

I need a haircut.