Saturday, February 21, 2009

pots 2009-02-11

Here are some pots I made on Wednesday (2/11/09). Still playing catchup on posting.

Five juicers and a slap tray.

I sutured this pot when it developed a fissure.

I also added a sprig from one of Adrienne's pots.
(I Lenzoed it. :^)

My biggest pot to date.
I painted the cylinder with white slip,
sprayed it with sodium silicate,
dried it with a heat gun,
and then stretched it from the inside.
Greg helped me straighten out my cylinder.
Rae let me use some of her sodium silicate/water spray.
Joe lent me his heat gun.
It takes a village to raise a pot.

Detail of the surface.

Joe is always surprised at the
depth and breadth of our glaze palette.

Make stuff. It's great.


Max said...

great work. what happens to the metal sutures when fired?

jbf said...

Thanks, Max.
It's nickel chromium wire so it will withstand the heat and will become a permanent fixture as the clay shrinks around it... or not.

Seriously, Peter Lenzo uses this method all the time (hence the "Lenzoed" comment) but I'm not sure if my ni-chrome wire is the same formulation as his, although I did buy it from his source on eBay.