Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's all about the family

It sure is nice to have the family around, especially during the holidays. It's nice to watch the kids grow up and see them interact with their cousins. Even with all the teenage angst and arguments, I can see myself longing for these days down the road. Sandwiched between the stressful times there sure are a lot of good ones.

I took Stephanie out for her first official driving lesson in a parking lot today and she did really well, especially considering she was driving a minivan. It didn't phase her in the least and she handled some tight situations without any input from me.

Today I'm remembering teaching her to walk, roller skate, ice skate, and ride a bike. Now we're on to the next transportation mode in the path to adulthood. But don't worry about her growing up too fast since she still wants a skateboard --and I can't teach her about that one.

As I type this, the girls are currently making chocolate chip cookies (at midnight).

Stephanie, Justin, Meredith,
Pop-pop, Ryan, and Audrey.

It goes by quickly. You have to enjoy it while you can.

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