Monday, January 12, 2009

Barrel Firing # 7 - The Next Day...

Saturday, January 10, 2009 we returned to the studio to check on the results of BF#7. The usual (read: hardcore) crew showed up for the retrieval. I arrived late and thought the barrel would be empty already but apparently I was right on time.

I think there were a few standouts, but the general consensus was bit of a yawn. Several people said they were going to re-bisque their pieces and try them again. At least we had fun during the firing.

After the unloading and the yawning were finished some of us headed inside to make some pots.

Becky doing her famous barrel-diving act.

The goods.

Max, Becky, Amy, Cindy, Kim, and Elaine
during the unload.

Becky was looking for Ron in the cardboard dumpster.
From barrel-diving to dumpster-diving, Becky is very versatile.

Max's ingenious homemade bead firer.
Cool, eh?

My latest orangestone pot.

Amy and Becky eating licorice pigs.
Don't you just love candid photography?

Said licorice pigs.

All in all, a good Saturday afternoon.


Becky said...

Yep, the pigs were the prize of the day for me. And I think Amy's right - we should have a battle of the wood choppers at #8! :)

Jerry said...

That tromp l'oeil camera bag on the bottom shelf is a keeper. It looks so realistic! Can't even tell it is ceramic. Well done. The strap is so thin. Amazing work.

jbf said...

Mmmm... good pigs. Thanks!
I'm in training with the axe.

I think I've mentioned before that we have some great artists at Clayworks.

Amy said...

Part of me can't believe you posted that candid pic. Gosh.... must've been the red licorice. :)

jbf said...

It's not that bad. Silly and unexpected is what candid is all about sometimes.