Friday, January 2, 2009

Goofy time

I caught up with my brother for lunch today. After a great lunch we both decided we had nothing pressing, so I suggested bowling and away we went. Neither of us gets out to bowl much and lately I have been doing more bowling on the Wii than at a real bowling alley...

... and it shows.

But the main thing is that we had fun and I got to spend some serious "goofy time" with my brother. Something we just don't do enough. (If you think the bowling was "goofy time", you should see us on a golf course.)

Excuse the cell phone pictures.

Dave on the lanes.
(It looks strangely deserted in this picture,
but we had to wait for an alley.)

Last game of three.
I hit a streak and Dave didn't.
But you should have seen him
in the second game!
(Well it is my blog.
Which scores do you
think I would post?)

Wow, between the two of us, we bowled a perfect game. :^)

Today's assignment: Spend some "goofy time" with a sibling or good friend.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I love bowling, and go once every 10-15 years on average!
And as a matter of fact, I DO have goofy plans for today, to see a movie called Happy Go Lucky with the missus and a friend...

Becky said...

Loved Happy Go Lucky! Love Bowling too, though I only do it once a year for a friend's birthday & the last time we went I won a prize! For LOWEST score. (I cherish it!)
Goofy time is the best time! Here's to goofy time spent with you John! *cheers*

jbf said...

I generally get there once a year or so.

We *do* have some goofy times, don't we. Thanks for those.