Friday, July 7, 2017

2017-06-12 - Monday - Goodbye Maui

Monday we took a walk on the beach, then it was off to the Maui Brewing Company again to exchange a t-shirt in the wrong size. I figured I might as well have a coconut porter while I was there.

After a nap it was back out again to Mama's Fish House for dinner. When Karen made the reservation she mentioned that we were celebrating our 30th anniversary. We are, in August.

We had a nice meal and said goodbye to Maui. Tomorrow it's off to Honolulu.

Rocks and sand.

The submarine.

Magnolia trees are messy everywhere.

The scenic point on route 30.

Another coconut porter
at the brewery.

A nice card on our table at Mama's Fish House.

My lovely wife.

Oh, and another coconut porter.

Karen's fish.

My "Traditional Hawaiian".

Outside the restaurant.


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