Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017-06-11 - Sunday - Lahaina

Sunday we went back to Betty's for brunch and enjoyed the food and the view.

Later we went to the square in Lahaina to see the Lahaina banyan tree that was planted in 1873. It's located in Lahaina Banyan Court Park, by the port. It has rooted into 16 major trunks and covers 0.66 acres. It's very impressive. It was even better on Sunday because there was an art show underneath it.

I found a cone 10 reduction potter there named Mary Ann Leigh and we had a very nice conversation about her work. I'm sure Karen was bored out of her mind, but she indulged us during our "shop talk". Mary Ann makes some beautiful work, but I got the impression she was not fond of people taking photos so there are none in my post. Please check out her website to enjoy her work.

Later, back at the condo, it was raining on the bay between us and Lanai. I had to take more photos of Lanai in all different lights and conditions.

In the evening we had reservations at the Lahaina Grill. The food was amazing! One of our best ever dining experiences. Oh, and I had a coconut porter.

View from Betty's brunch.

One large banyan tree.

A larger view.

Some of the peripheral trunks.
Rain on the bay.

Sun with the rain.

Beet salad at Lahaina Grill.


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