Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017-06-09 - Friday - Maui

Karen was attending a conference in Honolulu so we left a few days early and went to Maui before the conference.

Maui is a wonderful place. It's a shame it takes so long to get there from the US east coast. After a bit more than 17 hours of travel we were ready to be stationary. We flew from Charlotte to Atlanta to LA to Maui. 5:40 am to 11:00 pm (our time).

Karen found a for rent by owner condo in Lahaina, about 50 feet from the ocean. It was glorious. From our patio door we looked across the bay to Lanai with Molokai off to the right. If you're as geographically challenged (like me) about Hawaii, here's a handy map.

We landed at 11:00 pm our time which was 5:00 pm local time. After getting our rental car and checking in at the condo we thought about some food. Right next door to the condos was a small shopping center including Betty's Beach Cafe. Betty's is next to Feast at Lele, where they have luaus on the beach most nights.

Greg had told me about a great porter from the Maui Brewing Company so I ordered one at Betty's. I fell in love with their Coconut Hiwa Porter. Good call.

We finished a light meal at about 2:30 am east coast time and were ready to crash.

Out the window of the Kahului airport, Maui.

Out the patio door of our condo.

Off the patio.
Lanai on the left, Molokai on the right.

Patio view of Lanai.

The Feast at Lele from Betty's railing.

Hawaiian for beer.


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