Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015-02-03 - Tuesday - Spiders, moons, bowl, and pots

I have a nice little pot made by Rae Stark on the windowsill over the kitchen sink. The opening is only 1 1/2 to 2 inches across, but a tiny spider found it and spun a tiny web in it. Amazing that something that small can have the capability of functioning on it's own and building an intricate web.

Before I left for Clayworks I noticed the moon looked interesting through the clouds. I couldn't resist taking several photos of it. As usual I tried several settings to see which one I liked best. And as usual, I liked quite a few of them.

Shutter 2 seconds, ISO 80.

Shutter 4 seconds, ISO 80.

Shutter 4 seconds, ISO 80, shaking.

Shutter 1 second, ISO 200.

Shutter 1 second, ISO 200, different angle.

Shutter 1 second, ISO 800.

Shutter 1 second, ISO 800.

Shutter 1 second, ISO 1600.

Shutter 15 seconds, ISO 200.
YOU try keeping still for 15 seconds in the cold.

When I got to Clayworks I found another bowl had come out of the kiln. I'm still liking them. Expect more next month.

I made two garlic pots tonight since you can never have too much garlic.


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