Monday, February 2, 2015

2015-01-30 - Friday - Moon and kiln opening

Friday I noticed the moon hanging out in a perfectly blue sky. What was it thinking? There were no clouds for it to hide behind so it was right out in the open, just waiting for me to grab a photo. It will never learn. Silly moon.

Late Friday afternoon I went to Clayworks to help unload the gas kiln. I had several pieces in this firing dating all the way back to the beginning of December. I was pleased with most of it, but one pot stuck to the shelf very badly. Here is the whole batch and a few photos of some of my favorites.

And then there was the problem child. I don't know why this pot ran as I have used this yellow glaze on several pots in this firing without a problem. The glaze ran so badly that it melted into the shelf.

I had to break it off the shelf.

The bottom shows how firmly it was stuck.

The part that was left on the shelf.


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