Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014-05-16 - Friday - Construction and devil dog

Friday the footings for the porch were dug and cut out of the concrete slab.  Binkley inspected the holes for accuracy and miscellaneous smells.  Apparently they weren't all that interesting.

Since we have a large step-down now and the area is littered with deep holes, I posted a sign on the back door to remind us that the deck we lived with for 15 years was no longer there.

Later Binkley tried to make me give him a treat using his hypno-eyes.

It worked.



Linda Starr said...

oh that's what you mean about devil dog, I hope he got a treat. Not easy digging those holes but in the end worth it.

jbf said...

Don't get the wrong idea, the building crew dug those holes. I was in the house working. Binkley always gets his treats.