Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 12 - Thursday - Sears and pots

I ordered a replacement mulching door from Sears for the lawnmower and they did a HORRIBLE job of packing it.  It (barely) arrived via the US Mail in a box that was so mangled it's a wonder it got here at all.  The part is a flat, slightly curved door and it was thrown into a too-large box with a couple of the air-filled pillow-type spacers.  There was no way it filled the volume of the box and it caused it to fail.  Added to that (or because of that), the top of the box was torn across two sides of the carton and the sharpest end of the part itself was poking through the cardboard on one side.

If it wasn't for the durability of the plastic part it never would have made it here.  Great job Sears.

Thursday night I made some more mug bodies and some altered forms.

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