Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 21 - Saturday - WCU Parents Weekend

Last weekend was parents weekend at Stephanie's school, Western Carolina University.  WCU is out in the woods so as you can imagine, hotel rooms are scarce.  We rented a small cottage at Mountain Brook Cottages.  The cottages were built in the 1930s and they were small and cozy.  There were no telephones, no televisions, no cell phone service and the internet wasn't working during our stay.  Very peaceful with a gurgling stream close by.  A wonderful place to relax.

In the afternoon we took a trip to Waynesville to do some sightseeing an shopping.  It was drizzly, but not too bad.  We visited some great little shops and a Mast General Store before heading back to the cottage and the college.

It was a nice visit with Stephanie.  It's nice that we all enjoy spending time together.  We miss her and it's great to see she is doing so well.








Mast... well... you know.

Old fashioned chocolate - Karen
Rainbow - Stephanie
Pumpkin spice - me
at Pheasant Hill Cafe and Gallery

I waited while the women went to the shoe store.



angela walford said...

I'm sure I've seen that cottage on 'Haven'....looks very twee! and sorry rainbow cake looks odd!!

jbf said...

Twee, indeed.

Stephanie said the cake tasted like Fruit Loops, which is not an enticement for me.