Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 27 - Saturday - Ronan Peterson workshop

Saturday was the Ronan Peterson workshop at Clayworks.  It was a fun workshop with a lot of great information on a variety of topics in Ronan's process.  Ronan is a good teacher and kept us informed and entertained all day.  He shared some of his insights on design and decoration which I will take with me into my work.  That's the best kind of teacher --one that makes you think about your own work in a different framework.  Ronan has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about and refining his aesthetics which I don't always spend enough time working out.  He made me realize that I need to do more of that in the future to refine my work.  Thanks Ronan, and thanks Clayworks.






Showing off.

On my way home I saw this interesting balloon display in front of The Diamond Exchange and thought it was kind of cute.


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