Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 25 - Thursday stuff

Lots happened on Thursday.  Will Baker finished the salt kiln during the day before I got there.  I'm looking forward to getting the gas line run and seeing the first firing in it.  It's a beautiful sight.

Speaking of beautiful sights, the asphalt in the parking lot looks pretty amazing in the sunset light.

The tree out front was not salvageable after the storm damage on Friday night.  I guess there is a balance there:  we built a new kiln and something else had to go.  We and the squirrels are going to miss that tree.

It was a big one as you can see from my ever-present ball point pen at the top of the log.  It's interesting that the latest rings are a much darker color than the rest of it.  That dragonfly in the middle of the log is pretty interesting too.

I tried to throw with some fairly hard phoenix and had to give up when I pushed it off the bat.  I decided to re-slake it and try something else.

We had a visiting possum on the patio.  It seemed a bit confused but eventually found it's way out.

After all that hard clay it was good to have some nice soft orangestone which allowed me to get some pots made.



Linda Starr said...

can't wait to visit your new studio and see the kilns.

jbf said...

When are you coming here?