Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 27 - Images of the shore

Some images from a day at the shore.

It started out with a long walk on the beach with my brother.  I love the different light, shadows, and textures available at the shore in the mornings.

For lunch I had the best fish taco ever at Jay's Crab Shack.  Dave said the fish and chips was really good too.  We'll be going back there.

Some relaxing at the house, supper and then off to the boardwalk.

A day at the shore.

Hermit crabs everywhere.


Karen, Stephanie, Meredith, and Rich.

Ramping up to the boardwalk.

The time-lapse boardwalk army.



Linda Starr said...

Great shots of the shore, which shore are you at?

penni said...

Really miss the shore! Hope you had a good time!

jbf said...

Ocean City, NJ. Our annual pilgrimage.

We all had a pretty good time.