Monday, July 30, 2012

July 12 - Fired!

Thursday I got some pots back from the gas kiln and they turned out better than I expected.  I am very happy with my work of late, both the forms and the glazing --especially the glazing.  I am trying some tribal elements and love the way they come through the reduction.

Watch for more.

Tallest of the group.

Detail 1 --love that texture.

Detail 2 --love that crawl and the "worm trails".

"Castle" pot.

Detail 1 --more of that texture.

Detail 2 --nice spotting.

Another new glazing idea.

Wonky with movement.


Yet another new test.



TropiClay Studio said...

Really sweet pieces!

jbf said...

Thank you! I'm really enjoying these.

Anonymous said...