Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time passes...

Time to play catch-up again.

I have been very busy lately, but it's been more than that.  I've also been somewhat depressed and preoccupied with a lot of change in my life.  While work, pottery, and personal things have been making me chase them, I don't do too much change well.

The new Clayworks building is wonderful, but it's still a big change to get used to and will take a while to become home.  Different surroundings, different layout, different movement.

The biggest change is Stephanie moving out to go to college.  I knew it was coming since the day she was born, but it is still knocking me for a loop.  Suddenly I have to readjust home life, shopping lists, and meal planning  to three people instead of four.  There's also the worrying simply because suddenly your child is not under your roof.  It'll get better.  We've done our best and she's got a good head on her shoulders.

Just more change to get used to, like a new skin.  The good thing about skin is that it usually stretches.

I will try to update all the high points and get rolling again on a more regular basis.



Gary's third pottery blog said...

good luck amigo!

jbf said...

Thanks Gary!

Tracey Broome said...

Boy, we are right there with you!!! Our daughter came home this weekend for the first time since August 16 and the time flew. So much I wanted to do with her and there just wasn't time. I read your post to my husband, he feels your pain. He commented that there is still certain music he can't listen too. Like you, our daughter has a good head on her shoulders, but the worry is still there, I email her every day and remind her to make smart decisions. Who came up with this child leaving home thing anyway!!!

Linda Starr said...

Change isn't easy that's for sure; yeah the skin stretches and heals.

jbf said...

Skype is a wonderful invention. We Skype regularly once a week or so. We are trying to give her some space, but it's not easy sometimes.

I tell her the same thing I tell everyone: "Have fun and do great things."

Hang in there, it'll get better. Let her make you proud.

Yeah, for a computer consultant I don't do personal change particularly well. :8^)

Penni said...

Finally I have a chance to catch up too. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch right now. But it will get better, I promise! I just spent a few days with our daughter, wonderful time, and so hard to say goodbye again. But she is living her own life and I wouldn't have it any other way! But it took awhile to get to this point! Your girls will soar and make you proud! I definitely don't do change well. I go kicking and screaming! Loved the magnets. Used to have my fridge covered. I have a moose one from yellowstone! Take care my friend!

jbf said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. Things are getting better slowly but surely. Stephanie is blossoming and having the time of her life, but I trust her to get her schoolwork done as well since she's always been responsible about it.