Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday - Muddy Fun and new work

This is the message from Meredith that greeted us this morning.  At least it's more positive than the last one.

Today was another Muddy Fun day at Clayworks.  Angela does a great job teaching this class and we always have a great group of volunteers to help our beginners.

Muddy Fun part 1

Muddy Fun part 2

Since we had a bunch of volunteers and my foot was hurting I sat down to throw some new pots.  I made a really tall (for me) crackle pot using phoenix and a craggy crunch pot.  I made a decision recently to try adding some eyeballs to my pots so I put one on the craggy crunch pot.  Who knows where this will lead --maybe whole faces.  We'll see.

I also paddled the "milk bottle" I made on Wednesday to make it square and collected some bisque pots from the shelf.

Tall with blue crackled slip.


You betcha.

I'm seeing this in a nice shino.

Ready for glazing.

This evening's message.
We're back to negative again.



Mitch said...

First, I love, love, love the look of the new studio based on those Muddy Fun Day photos. Second, you know what you need for the creepy eyeball vessel? One of my detailed stencils... give the eye a pupil and iris and make it a little bloodshot, then you've really got something!

Max said...

put the evil eye on it...interesting direction.