Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Monday was Valentine's Day and I got a nice surprise from my wife when I opened the microwave (thank goodness we don't preheat microwaves!).

Happy Valentine's Day!

BTW, we've had that microwave for twenty four years this year.  It was a wedding present from my wife's parents and it still works great.



penni said...

My surprise was home made chocolate chip cookies, Rob stayed up till 1 AM on Saturday making them, and then had to clean the kitchen so I wouldn't know what he was up too.
We still have our original electric knife, blender and corning ware. 32 years old!
Glad you had a sweet surprise!

jbf said...

Wow! What a guy! (I think you should keep him around. :8^)

Glad you had a good day too.