Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Friday - First Friday Lunch With Old Friends

Friday was the First Friday Lunch at Clayworks.  I am sad to say I have never attended this studio function before now, but I had to this time since our dear friend Ju-Ian was back from Shanghai for a visit.  It was a nice lunch with good friends and acquaintances and it was great to see Ju-Ian.  I also had a pleasant surprise to find out that our friend Karla had moved back to the area and I look forward to seeing her around the studio.

There was a great turnout and a grand buffet of exotic foods.  I brought Jīn bāoyín, which Ju-Ian taught me literally means "gold wrapping silver".  It's fried rice made by adding the egg at the end instead of cooking the egg in the beginning and chopping it up to add to the rice.

I had a great time and will try to attend more First Friday Lunches in the future.

A feast!

There were so many people we spilled over to the members area.

The whole crew.

Gina insisted on taking one with yours truly in the picture.


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