Monday, February 14, 2011

The long and the short of it

Saturday I worked on that phoenix pot with the slightly dry neck.  I had wrapped the top lip with a wet paper towel and covered it with plastic from Thursday night until Saturday.  The wrapped part got nice and soft and I was able to flare out the lip but when I sliced it top to bottom, the neck pieces started separating.  Apparently it really was too dry when I assembled it.  I don't have any more pictures of it here, but I had to suture the neck to the body as well as the long cuts.  We'll see if the patient survives.

 Pot with the paper towel triage.

I sliced the pot I made before the dry one and when I made the first slice the piece was still rather wet so I wrapped it with a plastic tie and let it rest a while.  When I got back to it later it was actually more dry than I wanted to be, but I sliced.  It's hard to judge the moisture in Winter with the heat running.

Sliced and diced.

Close-up of the sutures near the bottom.

I also made 21 orangestone baby pots.



Max said...

love those suture pots. John you coud start a new drinking vessel with this technique called the franken STEIN.

jbf said...

Glad you like 'em. They wouldn't hold liquid very well, but on the bright side, you could drink beer all night and never get drunk. Downside is you'd have to wear rain gear...

Oh, and BTW, "groan"! :8^)