Monday, December 20, 2010

2010-12-18 Saturday - Almost Christmas

Christmas is almost here and nothing is getting done around here.  The lights aren't out, the tree is not up, and the gifts haven't been bought.  Somehow, we just don't have any time to get things done.  Work takes a lot of my time, the girls have been up to their ears in mid-term exams, and Karen always works too many long hours.  I haven't had time to read any blogs lately, let alone post to mine.

How did things get so crazy?  I haven't been able to set aside time to send Christmas cards in several years.  We haven't even baked any cookies this year.  I've been trying to listen to some Christmas music to put me in the mood, but that hasn't helped much either.

It's just run, run, run, hurry up and wait, then run, run, run some more.

It'll get better.  Merry Christmas!

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