Friday, December 3, 2010

2010-11-20 Saturday - Mark Peters workshop

On Saturday, November 20, Mark Peters did a workshop at Clayworks.  Mark did a great job and showed us lots of new techniques which I can't wait to try.  Not only is Mark a great potter, but he's also a genuinely nice guy.  He answered all our questions and gave us a few to think about too.

 He told us about his June wood firing workshop and got me thinking about wood firing again.  It's a week long event and sounds like a lot of fun.

We had a nice lunch and even though it was slightly chilly someone had the great idea to set a couple of tables out in the sun and it was wonderful.  A perfect day.

Mark starts to make a faceted bowl.  This becomes...


A beautiful tray.

A ribbed bowl.

A squared pitcher.

A great lunch.

Talkin' pots.


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