Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010-12-06 Monday - Stephanie's Birthday Cake

Stephanie asked me for a hamburger birthday cake so off to Google I went to look up ways to do it.  I baked two cakes, one yellow and one devil's food.  I coated the "hamburger patty" with vanilla icing mixed with cocoa powder, then stuck chopped chocolate chips to the icing.  I colored the icing for the "lettuce", the "bun", and the "sesame seeds" and proceeded to assemble it.  I found that I should have put the bun icing on the bottom layer before stacking the patty on it.  Live and learn.  It tastes better than it looks.

"...on a sesame seed bun."

Stephanie liked it.

The cross-section.



Max said...

You are quite the cook/chef. Job well done for Stephanie...She looks older than 4 (candles)

jbf said...

Thanks, we try around here. Once we hit double digits we try to conserve candles (and icing).