Monday, November 15, 2010

2010-11-13 Saturday - Set up for "An Artful Affair"

On Saturday afternoon we began the setup at Concentrix Music and Sound Studios for "An Artful Affair" which would take place that evening.  I think studio one looked pretty amazing after we set up our wares.  At one point Becky had to snake her way behind Kim's shelves to plug in an extension cord and we had to capture it.

The sale went well and everyone had a great time.  Unfortunately I was too busy talking to everyone to remember to take any photos during the sale.  I have asked Kim to share some of her photos with me and I will post some if she sends me some.

Thanks once again to Chris for lending me her shelves.  I hope to build some of my own in the next couple of weeks.

Becky climbing out.

It's a process.

An aerobic process.

Start the push-ups.


 Kim's display, part 1. 

Kim's display, part 2.

My display (with flash).

My display (without flash).

A closer look, part 1.

A closer look, part 2.

Elaine's display, part 1.

Becky's display.

Elaine's display, part 2.


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Linda Starr said...

Nice displays, now you've gone and shown another type of tall display which I like. I finished the other one and posted it, I might have to try this one too, thanks.