Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010-11-07 Sunday - Ripping Holes in the Ceiling

I've been cutting holes in the ceilings lately, and boy is it fun!  Not!

We are planning on replacing our HVAC system soon since it's several decades old.  One of the problems we have is the compressor is on the driveway side of the house and new ordinances require concrete-filled posts five feet out, which will put a serious crimp in our driveway clearance.  To place the compressor in the backyard we will have to reroute the refrigerant lines through the downstairs ceilings, hence the ceiling-ectomy.

Luckily it appears we will have a fairly open run through to the back wall of the house.  Wish us luck!

Boy, it sure makes a mess, though.

Hall ceiling window.

Resulting debris.

View through the chase.


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