Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010-11-11 Thursday - Porcelain work

Before my friend Ju-Ian left for Shanghai she gave me a bag of porcelain.  I am using it now and making some fun pots out of it.  In the past, using porcelain meant changing the type of forms I made.  Porcelain just seemed to demand more formal shapes and refined forms than stoneware clays --until now.  I am experiencing a freedom with porcelain that I never have before.  My forms are lighter, thinner, and looser than my porcelain has ever been.  Wish me luck.

A crackle pot and its big brother.

Tea bowls and an altered pot.

A more altered pot and a more "normal" one.

Top view.



Max said...

I think porcelain has gotten a fear rap from a lot of people. It is my favorite clay and what goes into my home mix layers sometimes. Its purity makes it more open to creative shape and thinness to me. Just look at what Ju-lan did with it.

jbf said...

Oh, don't get me wrong, porcelain is a BEAST. It does what it wants to do. I am much more comfortable with a more toothy clay, but I am determined to be able to throw any clay I choose and find my voice with it.

I too am drawn to its purity and lighter colored clay body for glazing. I also like the edge treatments available using it.

It's the formality of it that I am trying to overcome. I want my forms to be loose and casual using a normally formal clay.

Ju-Ian continues to be an inspiration. Her awesome talent hangs tangibly in the studio even though she's away.