Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010-04-07 Wednesday - Part I

Spring has sprung here.  The willow oaks in the front yard have leafed out almost overnight.  Just two weeks ago we had our sale on the front lawn and there was no shade from the trees.  Now they almost look like they do in Summer.

The azaleas are in bloom, the pollen has coated everything (and everyone), and the catkins have fallen off the trees --everywhere.  They pile up like leaves in Autumn and generally make a mess of things.  Now the maple seeds are falling and that will be the next mess we have to clean.  It really never ends. 

Willow oak leaves have popped.

Here's how it looks now...

...and here's how it looked just two weeks ago --no shade.

Have I mentioned that I like our lichen?

Azaleas are blooming like small explosions.

Lenten roses and azaleas in the front part of the yard.

Catkins everywhere.

They pile up in the gutters.

Man, that's some good lookin' lichen.

Close up of the azaleas.


Hey, wait a minute!  There's tree pollen in those flowers.
(I told you it was everywhere.)

Catkins on the back deck.

The hostas in the saucer have unfurled.
(Thanks Becky!)

Binkley doesn't mind the catkins.

Pollen all over the mower.

Wild violets in the lawn.

Dancing azaleas.

Catkins falling from the willow oak trees.


Penni said...

You have a beautiful home John!
I miss the azaleas! they don't grow out here. We also have those catkin things here too, only from our cottonwood trees!

Good luck with the dogwood! We don't have those either, and they are so pretty!

jbf said...

Thank you.
I hope the catkins are less of a mess by you.

You are really in a different part of the world than where we grew up. Don't get me wrong, I love your part of the country and spent a lot of time there in the 80's, but I'll always be most comfortable living on the east coast.