Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010-03-30 Tuesday - Horse Barn

I took the girls to the barn on Tuesday evening and couldn't resist taking some pictures with the setting sun.  You might have noticed that I really like to try to capture different types and pools of light.  I think Vermeer really was on to something when he captured the light in his phenomenal paintings.  Check out his annotated catalog or this BBC piece when you get a chance.

The light is the biggest indication of the change of seasons for me.  The long shadows of a late summer game of hide and seek, the Spring morning sun making dew drops into prisms on the daffodils, the hazy golden afternoon sun through yellow and orange leaves in the Fall, and my all time favorite sunlight:  late afternoon winter sun.  There's just something very comforting about the mid Winter sun at around 4:00 pm.  The way the weak rays slant in through the window with a faint golden glow.  If I have time to relax and enjoy that time of day I feel all is right with my world and I can drift off for a light nap knowing the world will go on without me for a bit.  Just thinking of that light comforts me.

Evening graze.

A pool of light.
Zoomed in to the area.

Different framing.
I'm not sure which of these I like better, this one...

... or this one.
But I like them both.


Max said...

Hey man, you are turning poet on us...
I agreee on the light. I took some pictures of onions for my son (long story) several years ago in the front sidewalk of the office, late winter afternnon, looked like art. Just the warm yellow sunlight and shadow of winter, low sun before sunset on the yellow and red onions.

jbf said...

I didn't mean to be poetic --honest! (But that's the second time I've been accused in about a month.)

As artists, light is everything. Without light we wouldn't see our work. Now tweak that light by season or weather conditions and you have all the emotion and 'atmosphere' you need before you ever get to the subject.

Each little piece of the world we experience is amazing in it's own right. Take something as fundamental as light and look at all the possibilities. That's only one small facet of the universe we inhabit. Now add the rest of said universe and be overwhelmed, it's ok.