Friday, November 13, 2009

2009-11-05 Thursday - One pot, two pots, new pots, glazed pots

I was getting very frustrated trying to make large, two piece pots. I crashed six, I think, in a week. I was getting more and more frustrated which made me more nervous, which made me crash more pots. Not a good place to be, so I decided to throw some smaller pots and give it a rest for a while. I started turning out these little orangestone pots at a pretty good clip and was having fun with them while yakking with Kim. Very relaxing. Thanks, Kim.

We also unloaded a kiln and a few of my pieces were in there. It was a pleasant surprise since I wasn't there for the loading. I like the luster I got on the bottles, but the shino was applied too thinly on the mug. I like the mug shape and will probably be making more of those in the future.

The explanation of the (please excuse the expression), "over the top" handle on one of the bottles comes from something Greg said to me at the Circle of Eight sale. We agreed that if I put a small loop handle on it, it would look silly. To put a handle on the pot that looked right meant "breaking out of the box". When looking at the bottle without the handle, imagine a box by drawing a line up the side of it from the table, across the top, and down the other side (see the bottom picture). There's always something to learn.

Lots of small pots.

Pots fresh from the kiln.

Without the flash to show the luster better.

Breaking out of the box.


Max said...

Good fire results, like the shape of your mug also, esp the lower 1/4.

Linda Starr said...

Beautiful pots and glazes, I have much to learn.

jbf said...


Thanks! Me too.

Amy said...

You hide the frustration well. I really like the jugs-- great glaze colors!

jbf said...

Not sure how well I hide it (or dump it), but thanks!