Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017-12-17 - Sunday - Bugs and pots

Sunday was filled with insects and new pots.

I found an insect above the door frame in the kitchen. After researching it, it appears to be a leafhopper assassin bug nymph. Sounds like it could be painful to touch it, glad I didn't.


I went to Clayworks to pick up my pots from the gas firing and while talking to Kira Campbell about her pots I noticed a brown marmorated stink bug on the handle of her tray.

Stink bug.

I'm really impressed with the camera on my new phone.
Detail of the same photo.

I picked up my pots and was very pleased with the results of the firing. I didn't like the way the re-fired oribe (green) pots came out, but I wasn't impressed with them before they went back in either. The rest of my pots came out great.


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